iphone 13-What are the types of specification?

today we’ve got some shocking news on the Apple iPhone 13 and that’s coming up right after this. So this week we’ve got even more news on the upcoming Apple iPhone 13

we’ve got news of a full screen not just display a portless iPhone 13 and an in-display fingerprint scanner now before we get started please like the video if you’re a fan of apple let me know down in the comments what device you’re watching this video on so the first story of the day is a report from the elect that says Chinese display manufacturer yet again failed to supply it for the Apple iPhone 13.

now some of you may remember that they failed   quality tests on the predecessor and apple have given them another chance placing further orders   for OLED panels now this isn’t them completely out though as they will try again in the first half   of 2021

but it means that the Apple iPhone 13 is likely to only use panels from Samsung and LG now there’s always mixed emotions down in the comments on this as some of you guys want it because it could make the phone cheaper and some of you would just prefer them to use Samsung and LG panels so it depends which way you look at it but all in all, I think even if they did get some blue panels that did pass quality checks I can’t see the saving it being passed down to the consumer anyway now next up we’ve got more news of a completely portless iPhone 13. ming chi quo predicted this in   2019 when he said that the iPhone 13 would offer a completely wireless experience

now I’m unsure   about this one as with wireless charging being that little bit slower it may not be convenient   for some but that being said apple don’t exactly push the fast charging boundaries anyway


with only   20 watt fast charge in their latest release now it of course would be something that would work   but it may be that little bit too early for those people fully in the Apple ecosystem using things   like airdrop then it’s not going to be an issue but there are many that don’t own everything   apple

so if they’re still using USB transfer instead of cloud storage or wireless transfers   this could lead to issues now personally I just don’t see too much advantage of a port   free iPhone 13 given that they are already water-resistant so I’m hoping it doesn’t happen just yet

now ming chi Kuo also believes that the iPhone 13 will come equipped with both face id and touch id   in the form of an in-display fingerprint scanner now this seems very logical as both are useful   biometrics and apple are a little bit behind with the in-display fingerprint scanner as they already   provide a fast and efficient face id

now this claim was also backed up by love to dream and   john process seemed to agree apple were also granted a patent for this technology and given   the current situation with masks affecting face id than the iPhone 13 seems a very likely candidate   with the news last week of new battery technology in the iPhone 13

then the ability to have larger   battery capacities will more than enough support the additional features without harming on battery   life drastically so this does look very hopeful now finally we’ve got more news of a full-screen iPhone 13 with no knot whatsoever to be clear this just isn’t going to happen these leaks are   coming from Twitter accounts trying to grow by tweeting exciting claims of unrealistic features

I mean apple have shown us that they’re sticking with face id in their phones as it’s secure works   fast and works well while we should be seeing touch id in the iPhone 13 it’s very unlikely   to be replacing face id given its popularity under-display cameras are still in their infancy

given that we haven’t even got the in-display camera from Samsung yet it’s unlikely that   apple are going to come out with a full-fledged selfie cam and face id sensors in the display   when Samsung and LG are manufacturing the displays as ice universe advice in the past it looks like

model the   apple iPhone 13 mini it’s expected to be a 5.4 inch iPhone with an OLED super retina display   it’s expected to have a resolution of 2340×1080 and this is going to give us 465 pixels per inch

it’s very unlikely for high refresh rates on the lower models so expect a 60hz display but   we should be seeing this shorter notch with apple continuing to prove that huge amounts of ram are   just not required it should be equipped with four gigs of ram and a choice of 64 128 or 256 storage

we’re expecting another aluminum frame to reduce the cost although again the body should be looking   similar to that of the pros and the iPhone 13 mini is going to come with dual cameras on the rear   consisting of a 12 megapixel wide-angle and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide and it will of course   ship with ios 15. for those

that want the four gigs of ram with 64 gigs of storage it’s likely   gonna launch at a price of around seven hundred dollars for 128 gig it should be around 750   and for the 256 gig it should be around 850 dollars next up we’ve got the iPhone 13. the   iPhone 13 is going to have a 6.1 inch OLED display with a resolution of 2532 by 1170   and this gives us 460 pixels per inch again we only expect this model to be having a 60hz display   and no to technology

but again it may have a smaller notch we expect four gigs of ram   along with a choice of 64 128 or 256 storage and the phone should have an aluminum frame   we’re expecting a 12-megapixel wide-angle and a 12 megapixel ultrawide giving us another dual-camera   setup and the phone is gonna ship with ios 15. for the 64 gig model we’re expecting around 800

if you want 128 gigs it should be around 850 for the 256 gig version it should be around 950   next up we’ve got the iPhone 13 pro and here’s where things are going to change a little bit   although we are expecting a similar-looking device the iPhone 13 Pro is expected to come   with a 6.1-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1170 by 2532 and this gives us 460 pixels per inch

not only is it going to be brighter but it’s also going to be using top technology and provide us   with a 120 Hz variable refresh rate at a full resolution we’re not expecting any increase of   ram as the a15 is going to be more than capable

so expect six gigs of ram with a choice of 128   256 512 and maybe even a huge one terabytes of storage because this is the more premium model we   also expect another still frame and on the iPhone 13 pro we should be getting a quad-camera setup

this is going to be a 12-megapixel wide-angle a 12-megapixel ultra-wide a 12-megapixel telephoto and   a lidar sensor the phone will of course ship with ios 15 and when it comes to pricing we do expect   some small price increases with this new display technology so we’re estimating that 128 gigs   maybe around 1050 for 256 it could be around 1150 for 512 it could be 1 350 and if the one   terabyte happens then we could expect a whopping 1 50

now finally we’ve got the most premium model   the iPhone 13 pro max  is expected to come with a 6.7 inch OLED display with   a resolution of 1128 by 2778 giving us 458 pixels per inch again it’s going to be brighter it’s also   going to be using the top technology and provide us with that 120 Hz variable refresh rate display

we can expect six gigs of ram with a choice of 128 256 512 and again if the leaks are true   then one terabyte of storage again we’re expecting another still frame on the iPhone 13 pro max   and another quad-camera setup again this will be a 12-megapixel wide-angle 12-megapixel ultra-wide   a 12-megapixel telephoto and the lidar sensor

now the phone is, of course, gonna ship with ios 15 when   it comes to pricing again we expect this increase so we’re estimating for 128 gigs it’s 1 150   for 256 gigs it could be 1250 for 512 it could be 1450 and if this one terabyte storage happens then   we could see around 1 650 which is an incredibly huge price tag so of course with so many leaks

floating around things won’t be clear until we get closer to launch and prototypes are made and hopefully leaked as always though if anything surfaces I’m going to be sharing it with you guys straight away but I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is excited for the   Apple iPhone 13 and which model are you waiting for…






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